Neteller Charge and VIP Rules Update

Neteller Charge and VIP Rules Update

E-Currency giant Neteller recently has taken various decisions regarding various issues. One of the decisions is to update the VIP rules. Yes, Neteller did it. They’ve updated the rules and policies of the VIP setup and charge policy. Here, we are going to discuss on Neteller charge and VIP rules update.

Neteller Charge and VIP Rules Update

Additionally, it’s easy to guess that achieving VIP status isn’t too easy. You need to be a vivid fan and of course, you need to spend more money than the general user to gain the VIP user status. However, there are certainly various benefits and great rewards in store for the Neteller VIP users.

But, Neteller has changed the rules and structure for their VIP customers. Here are the new rules –

  1. There will be no more VIP level assessment in 12 months (1 year).
  2. The VIP level status will be updated every three months. It means instead of assessing VIP status in 12 months, they will do it within a quarter of a year.
  3. The new levels and targets of Neteller introduced too. The past structure has been changed completely.
  4. The “Platinum VIP Level” has been withdrawn.

Moreover, the new rules and structure will be official from 16 November, 2020. Here, we are giving the in-detail information regarding it.

The In-Detail Info About Neteller Charge and VIP Rules Update

Now, there will be no yearly review on Neteller VIP rules. The situation changed as the rules will be applied quarterly and this process will be applicable from November 16. This is called “Calendar Quarter“.

Calendar Quarter are as follows –

  1. January 1st to March 31 (1st Quarter)
  2. April 1 to June 30 (2nd Quarter)
  3. July 1 to September 30 (3rd Quarter)
  4. October 1 – December 31 (4th Quarter)

Note – Your VIP status will be updated automatically by Neteller as soon as you enter the gateway.

VIP Level Bronze Level Silver Level Gold Level Diamond Level Exclusive Level
Quarterly Transactional Volume 6000 or more 15000 or more 45000 or more 150000 or more 600000 or more

But, if you got angry with the new policy of Neteller regarding charge and VIP rules, there’s another thing Neteller announced recently. They are going to introduce Diamond and Exclusive VIP levels. The reason is users will get more benefits through these levels. Additionally, better features, offers, rewards are waiting for them with the new VIP levels.

Furthermore, the new policy towards VIP levels and the charging system will take effect from November 16. As a result, Neteller will assess your proper transactional volume (send money) between October 1 and November 15 to figure out your new level. After assessing the whole thing, they will come out with a conclusion and take the decision.

So, what’s your opinion about Neteller’s new charge and VIP policy? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment box.


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