Skrill Or Neteller Account Blocked? Here’s The Solution.

Skrill Or Neteller Account Blocked Here's The Solution

The users of Skrill and Neteller might face such problems. They could see their Skrill or Neteller account could be blocked. It’s no secret that safety and security are the most important matter for both Skrill and Neteller. As a result, they are closely monitoring everything when you start your journey with them. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the account could be blocked in Skrill or Neteller. Here, we are going to discuss Skrill or Neteller account blocked? Here’s the solution. Let’s get into the discussion.

Skrill Or Neteller Account Blocked? Here’s The Solution

It’s such a painful thing to see the account blocked on Skrill or Neteller. But, if you follow some simple rules and steps then you could avoid such a scenario. We’ve gathered information about why this occurrence happens. Now, let’s go through the info why Skrill/Neteller account can be blocked.

Possible Reasons For The Block of Skrill/Neteller

Account Termination For The Safety Reason

The security team of Skrill/Neteller always check the security. After all, security is the most important matter in money transactions. Therefore, they always take it seriously. If they have found any type of security breach, then they might temporarily disable your id.

The subsequent list is the main reason behind the temporary block of your Skrill/Neteller account.

  1. Using a VPN for money transaction or any type of proxy service.
  2. Loggin in your account from a country or region where Neteller/Skrill is not permitted.
  3. Pushing wrong password, info for several times.
  4. Strange activity in your account – like unusual amounts or number of transactions.
  5. Doing any type of suspicious activity.

However, there could be other reasons too. But, these are the most common cause for the blocking of Neteller/Skrill.

Account Could Be Blocked For Violating The Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)/Skrill Or Neteller Account Blocked? Here’s The Solution

During the account opening period, you have to agree with the terms and conditions provided by Skrill and Neteller. If you violate such an agreement, then it could lead to blocking your account. Please read the terms and conditions clearly before the agreement.

  • You must need to be 18+ years old if you want to open an account in Neteller or Skrill.
  • One user is allowed to have one account in Neteller/Skrill. Creating several accounts is not permitted.
  • Clearly supply your personal info. Any wrong info could lead to disaster like close the account permanently. So, double-check all the info before supplying them.
  • Deposits and withdrawals made with payment options issued on a different name than the account owner.
  • Using your account for transfers or payments are fully illegal.
  • Trying to transact black money is strongly prohibited.

There is also a reason which you could find in their T&Cs. Read them carefully and follow those rules and regulations always. Don’t breach them otherwise your account could get blocked.

How To Avoid Blocking Skrill and NETELLER Accounts?

It’s simple that account block is such a painful matter. But, this could happen. However, you can take some measurements to avoid such a scene.

  • Never use a VPN or any type of proxy services.
  • Don’t share your ID or password with anybody.
  • If you travel and plan to use your NETELLER or Skrill account from another country, then send a quick note to the support. Otherwise, log in to your account from another country and lead to interim using access.
  • Never create more than 1 account unless you’re a Silver VIP. If you become a silver VIP, then you can make another account in Skrill/Neteller.
  • Please provide the correct info of yours.
  • Don’t try to update the info you’ve already given during the account opening period. It could lead to a permanent loss of your account.
  • Don’t make any transactions or payments considered illegal in your country.
  • Don’t try to transact any type of illegal money or any suspicious activities. Stay clear and transparent in every possible way.

As both Neteller and Skrill are money-related, so the security breaches can happen at any time. Therefore, you also need to be careful, actually very careful. Here we are sharing some measurements you can take to protect your account.

  • Use Neteller and Skrill’s two-step authentication.
  • Use the Skrill MasterCard and NETELLER MasterCard virtual cards for online purchases.
  • Put a very strong and uncommon password.
  • Change the password regularly. At least one time in a month.
  • Keep screenshots of any suspicious thing and let it know to Skrill/Neteller helpline.

So, it’s clear to see you can avoid your account failure by taking some measurements.

Skrill/Neteller Website Doesn’t Open? So, It’s The Sign My Account Is Blocked?

Both Skrill/Neteller are money transaction company. On the other hand, they are not allowed in every country. So, the problem could happen in their sites. You don’t need to be worry if the website of Neteller/Skrill doesn’t open. Just keep patience on this one. Don’t be rush.

If the website doesn’t open, then it probably because of the IP address or internet problem. There’s no relation between account blocked and website opening. So, this is not a matter to worry about. However, if the problem exists for a long time, then contact with the customer support of Skrill/Neteller and tell them about the problem.

What Step To Take If My Account Blocked? Skrill Or Neteller Account Blocked? Here’s The Solution

After the login into your account, if you find that your account is blocked, then please check your email immediately. Both, Neteller/Skrill usually send block notice on email ID. Furthermore, Neteller/Skrill will send the instruction of regain the blocked ID into your mail.

On the other hand, if you found that you didn’t get any kind of mail in your email account, then immediately contact the Neteller/Skrill customer care. Tell them about this matter thoroughly. So, they could find the best solution for you. The customer care team will surely check out the information of you and give you a correct solution.

What Will Be Happen To My Money If My Skrill/Neteller Account Get Blocked?

If your account disabled temporary basis, then it’s not a big deal. You’ll get the account back and get access your money when the disable condiion issue will be over. But, things are pretty much complicated if the account blocked permanently.

Additionally, you must need to contact the support team of Skrill/Neteller on this issue. They will provide you the guidelines on whether getting back the fund is possible or not. Usually, Skrill/Neteller pays the funds. But, it could vary in the case to case. Both providers also can make use of the right to deduct a fee of 150 USD / EUR of your account balance in case they have found any kind of illegal/fraudulent activity.

Is It Possible To Create Another Account If Current Account Get Blocked?

No, it’s not. You can understand it when you thoroughly check out the Terms and Conditions of Skrill/Neteller. They’ve cleared that one person is only able to open a single account. Therefore, it’s not possible to open another account if your running account gets blocked.

In addition, the rules and regulations of both Skrill/Neteller are almost same as both of them are the product of Paysafe Group. It’s such a bad experience to see account gets blocked. Therefore, you must carefully follow the guidelines MSPORTSBD provided. Feel free to ask queries if you have any question in your mind.


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