Best Cricket Betting Strategies

Everything You Need to Know before Cricket Betting

Cricket is among the most popular games globally and has a large fan base. This has made the cricket betting industry grow over the years. Cricket betting, like any other betting, makes it more interesting to watch the game while getting returns.


While cricket betting is not as hard as you may think it to be, it is essential that you first understand most of what the game involves and how teams win. You should also have effective cricket betting strategies, which will increase your chances of winning.

One of the things that will highly affect the results of your bet is how much research you have done about cricket and the specific game you are betting for. Research also helps you find the best odds, determining your chances of winning.

Other factors that might affect the outcome of your bet include player stats, wickets conditions, in-play value, weather conditions, game format, team, and players’ past games, toss, team combination, home ground advantage, and the number of bets placed.

How to Bet on Cricket

If you are a cricket betting beginner, the first thing you need to do is learn everything you can about betting. You will not make rash decisions or use the wrong cricket betting strategies. Some of the best cricket betting strategies include:

Dogon strategy

This is a mathematical strategy popular among beginners. According to the system, you should increase your amount of states after every loss until you recover all the previous bets. You should, however, be careful when using this strategy as it could lead to bankruptcy fast.

Flat betting

Also based on mats, this strategy implies that you should use flat bets, or your bets will have the same percentage or amount. If you want to bet with 30% of your account balance, you should use the same 30% whether you win or lose.

Percentage of bank strategy

This is one of the cricket betting strategies that is useful for beginners. Like flat betting, it is focused on reducing your losses by using a fixed percentage of your bankroll to bet.
Oscar’s Grind system- This strategy states that you increase your betting amount with every bet you win, unlike the Dogon strategy, where you increase your stake after losing.
Ladder’s system- This simple strategy requires you to stake the amount you win on your next bet. It is suitable for beginners and pros.

Danish strategy

In this strategy, you increase your stakes by a unit and your odds by at least 0.5.

Cricket Events to Bet on


The Indian Premier League Cricket has eight teams from Indian states and cities. The games go on from March to May every year, played on a 14-game schedule.

The game is played in a T20 format, which includes only two total innings on every side with a maximum of 20 overs each. This format is condensed, which makes many of the team totals and player props lower than with other formats.


Cricket World Cup

Officially referred to as the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, this is the One Day International cricket championship. The International Cricket Council organizes this game takes place every four years.

Twenty20 World Cup

T20 is a shortened cricket game format, where both teams have only one inning and can only have up to 20 overs each.

International Test Cricket

While ODI and T20 are becoming increasingly popular, cricket fans and betters are more familiar with test matches. These are usually day-long games, comprised of four innings and hundreds of overs.

Choose the Right Cricket Betting Sites

With the increase in cricket betting popularity, there has been an increase in online betting sites and apps. However, it would help to research different sites before choosing which one to use.

The site you choose will determine your transaction security, transaction speed, fees you pay, and the bonuses you receive. Some of the tips to help you land the best site include:

Betting offers

How many betting bonuses and promotions do the sites have? These give you a chance to access better odds or even bet for free at times.


Different betting sites have different odds and prices. Look for one that has reasonable odds for every game and price.

Betting markets

These are where you place your bets on the different possible outcomes of the game. Look for a betting site with different betting markets like a win, draw, or loss for higher winning chances.

In-Play betting

This is betting after the game starts but before it ends. Look for a site with this option because once you see how the game begins, you might have a better insight into the results, unlike if you had not seen the game.

Live streaming

Choosing a site that gives you access to live broadcasts and lets you bet during those broadcasts is essential.

Cricket Betting Odds Explained

Before you get into betting, understanding cricket odds is essential because it will guide how you place your bet.

How to understand cricket betting odds

The odds are numerical representations of the game’s outcome based on the teams’ performance and the bets placed in the market. It also shows how much money you stand to win or lose if your predictions are right or wrong. Every betting site or bookmaker usually sets its own odds, so be careful when choosing a betting site.

How Do Cricket Betting Odds Work?

If, for example, a site has team A’s odds as 1.67 and team B’s odds as 0.9, you can calculate the money you will make from your bet by multiplying your stake with the odds. If you place a bet for team A to win with $10, you will get $16.7, making a $6.7 profit.

Most Popular Cricket Markets and Bets

The bets you choose to place will determine your likelihood of winning. Some of the most popular ones include:

Match Result

This is the most common wager and the easiest because you only have to choose from three outcomes. You choose whether a team wins, loses, or both teams draw. This is the best for beginners.

Series/ Tournament Winner

In tournament-winning, you only have to choose one team you think will win the game. Sometimes, two teams might play a series of games, and you have to predict the one you think will win.

Top Batsman

With this bet, you should choose the player you feel will score the most goals in a match or series. The player can be from any team. Because it is more complicated, it has higher payouts than other bets.

Handicap Betting

This betting is intended to even out the market by assigning a virtual surplus or deficit to each selection. Handicap betting markets apply negative or positive goals or point handicaps to each player or team depending on which one is the underdog (positive handicap) or favorite (negative handicap).


All you need to do is decide which bet you will be placing. If you are a beginner, a match result is the best chance because you choose from three outcomes. You must also have good cricket betting strategies.

There are many bookmakers or betting apps to choose from. To bet, ensure you create an account and fund it.

There are many cricket betting websites worldwide, but the most common are Betway, 1xbet, Betrophy Sports,, 10 Circ, etc. Consider their security, bonuses, transaction times, transaction methods, and read reviews.

Cricket betting is one of the ways to earn returns as you enjoy watching cricket. However, before you get into betting, you must learn about the best cricket betting strategies, where to bet, and how to bet.